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Our Mission

The Community Veteran Justice Project (CVJP) is dedicated to ensuring current and former military service members receive the information, support, and services they need to use California's Veteran Statutes to improve their lives.

CVJP provides specific services, policy advocacy, and community education to assist justice-involved service members/veterans with obtaining alternative sentencing for some felonies, and diversion for misdemeanor cases. This can result in treatment rather than incarceration, some cases being dismissed, and records being sealed.

Our Misson

California Veteran Statutes/Laws

There are laws in California that provide for alternative sentencing that connect current and former military service members to treatment and services as opposed to incarceration or other sanctions.

Penal Code Section 1001.80

Statute allows for military and veterans that qualify to do a pre-plea diversion treatment program in any misdemeanor case and upon successful completion have the case dismissed.

Penal Code Section 1170.9

Statute allows military and veterans that qualify to get veteran treatment program at sentencing rather than incarceration, it includes felonies that qualify for probation.  Upon successful completion the restorative relief may include reducing the felony to a misdemeanor, waiving fees and fines, sealing the record.

Penal Code Section 1170.91

Statute allows for conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to be used for mitigation in sentencing.

California Vetern Laws
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